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Jan Teorell

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Jan Teorell, Professor of Political Science, received his PhD in 1998 from the Department of Government, Uppsala University, on a dissertation on intra-party democracy. He has been a visiting scholar at the Center for Basic Research in the Social Sciences, Harvard University, and at the Contemporary Europe Research Center, Melbourne University, Australia, and most recently at the Center for European Studies, Harvard University. In 2004-2006, he served as Project Coordinator at the Quality of Government Institute, Göteborg University, responsible for creating the Quality of Government Dataset (, which won the Lijphart, Przeworski, Verba Award for Best Dataset by the APSA Comparative Politics Section at the 2009 Annual Meetings (together with Bo Rothstein and Sören Holmberg). From 2013 he is the elected Chair of the Comparative Democratization Section of the American Political Science Association. His research interests include political methodology and comparative politics, particularly political participation, public opinion, corruption and comparative democratization. He currently works on two larger research projects: on how and why electoral fraud and corruption was abolished historically in Sweden and other established democracies, and on measuring multifaceted concepts of democracy around the world from 1900 to the present (see project homepage).

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Jan Teorell has co-authored the article V-Dem: A New Way to Measure Democracy, which has recently been published in the Journal of Democracy learn more...