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Europe in International Politics

STVP33 - Europe in International Politics (15 credits) (Autumn term)

The course explores, from both theoretical and empirical perspectives, the political role played by the EU outside its own borders, primarily as conducted through the common foreign and security policy (CFSP) and the European security and defence policy (ESDP).

Central topics include the particular workings of the CFSP system with regard to policy-making practices, bureaucratic impact, institutional power and member state influence, as well as the EU’s capacity to formulate and carry out cohesive policies in areas related to diplomacy, security and civilian and military crisis management. Furthermore, the union’s relations with, and influence on, other actors in the field – states as well as international and regional organisations – are discussed and analyzed.

The course also covers the emerging effects on the international system as a result of the continued development of the EU as an unusual but ever more active member of the international community.


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