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Minor Field Studies (MFS)

The Minor Field Studies programme, which aims to increase students’ knowledge of the economic, political, social and educational challenges faced by developing countries, is funded by SIDA (the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) and managed by the Swedish Council for Higher Education. The programme is intended for students in courses for Bachelor’s degrees, as well as Master’s degrees.

From 2017 the Minor Field Studies programme will be managed by Lund University and not the Department of Political Science. Because of the delayed the announcement of scholarships for higher education institutions from The Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR), it will not be possible for students to apply until after the summer of 2017.

More information about the application process will be posted here as soon as it becomes clear.

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The Department of Political Science awards scholarships to enable students who are working on their degree projects to carry out a minor field study in a developing country. The scholarships, which at present amount to SEK 27 000, cover travel costs and part of the student’s living expenses.


To be eligible, you must be actively studying courses leading to a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree at the Department of Political Science and you must have achieved 150 credits in your university studies at the time of departure. Applicants must be Swedish citizens or holders of a permanent resident permit in Sweden. In the latter case, the study undertaken cannot be done in the applicant’s country of origin. Students from the rest of the Nordic area who are not Swedish citizens must have been permanent residents in Sweden for at least a year in order to be awarded an MFS scholarship. Applicants cannot be previous recipients of an MFS scholarship or of any other SIDA-funded scholarship for studies similar to an MFS. Other relevant experience, such as studies and/or stays in developing countries or voluntary work, is no obstacle to receiving an MFS scholarship.

Field studies (over a minumum of 8 weeks) constitute the basis of the independent degree project that is to be written in English. The thesis is also sent in as a report to the Swedish Council for Higher Education. Valid countries in which to undertake these studies are those that have been defined by the OECD’s aid committee, DAC, as developing countries. Scholarships cannot be awarded for countries for which the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a travel warning. 

For more information please visit:

Application process

The application is made at the beginning of the spring and autumn semesters respectively. The application is to contain:

  • personal data, 
  • a curriculum vitae, 
  • a project plan written in English (maximum five pages) as well as 
  • a preliminary budget. 

The project plan is to be concrete and realistic. It is to contain an aim and the issue to be addressed, its connection to the relevant problem area in political science and development studies, theoretical framework, information about how the investigation is to be carried out, material, base location, time plan etc. and a brief reflection on alternative design if changes in the planned study are necessary.

The MFS study should be structured as a field study. A theoretical study or a study that is only based on written information is not suitable for MFS. The MFS scholarship recipients who get the most out of their assignments are those who have come into close contact with the local population, e.g. via interviews.

The CV is to include LADOK transcripts. A special application form should be used as the front page of the application. Download the application form here: Ansökningsblankett MFS (PDF)

  • The application is to be handed in in 6 copies in a mailbox for MFS on the third floor at the Political Science Department.
  • If you send it by mail, please address it to Studievägledare, Statsvetenskapliga institutionen, Box 52, 221 00 Lund.
  • Postmark does not count.


The assessment criteria are mainly:

Is the problem interesting? 
Are the research tasks feasible? 
Is the methodology clearly presented? Is the theory well chosen and clearly presented?

A preparatory course is arranged for MFS scholarship recipients in Härnösand. Please note that MFS scholarship recipients are advised to attend the course in good time before their departure. Register for the course on a separate form that can be found here.

Recipients of an MFS scholarship are assigned a scholarly supervisor by the department. In addition, a field supervisor is required. An agreement with a supervisor in the field is to be in place in good time before participation in the preparatory course.

Upon nomination

Sign up to the MFS prepardness course:

Application at other departments

Some university departments and university colleges offer so called "external" scholarships for students who are not enrolled with them but plan a study on a related subject. Previously, some of our students have received MFS-scholarships from another institution. If you as a student of political science at Lund University plan to apply somewhere else you have to send your project plan to Anders Uhlin (see contact information below) for approval before you submit it. The political science relevance of your proposed study will be assessed. Upon approval Uhlin will become your preliminary supervisor if you have not yet been assigned a supervisor.

Contact information

Anders Uhlin is responsible for Minor Field Studies, tel +46 46-222 89 53. E-mail: anders.uhlin [at]

He is assisted by the department's Academic advisors.

E-mail: studievagledare [at]


Kristina Jönsson, Kristina Margård and Magdalena Bexell also participate in the MFS work.


Page Manager:


Anders Uhlin is responsible for Minor Field Studies, tel 046-222 89 53. E-mail: anders.uhlin [at]

He is assisted by the department's Academic advisors.
E-mail: studievagledare [at]



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