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Annica Kronsell


Political Science

Main research and teaching areas:

  • Climate, Environmental and Transition Governance
  • Feminist theory, gender and intersectionality
  • Defense, military and security institutions

Research and teaching profile:

Annica Kronsell has been teaching extensively in the fields of international politics, peace- and conflict studies, environmental and feminist studies. During the fall semester 2015 she taught the course: Gender and International Relations. During the winter and early spring 2016 she is spending research time in Australia, at Monash university, Melbourne and University of Queensland, Brisbane.

Annica Kronsell has conducted empirical research on climate, environmental and sustainability governance in the Scandinavian and European context and published several books and articles in this field. She is involved as research leader in interdisciplinary research consortia at Lund university and currently in three larger research projects, relating to the governance of climate and sustainability transitions. She is supervising and has supervised several graduate students in this research field. Kronsell has a theoretical interest in governance related to sustainability transitions, and in feminist institutional theory which she has also applied in research about gender in security and defense institutions published in several articles and books.

Kronsell's research engagements extend also internationally, she has spent research and teaching time at the University of Washington, Seattle, the Institute for Advanced Studies in Freiburg, Germany, at Sciences Po’ in Lyon, France. Her networks include the International Studies Association, ECPRs Green politics and Gender and Politics sections, Earth System Governance, the feminist EU and feminist institutional networks. She has served as a panel member, in the Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish Research Council and as board member at the Defense university, the Swedish political science association, Lund University Sustainability forum, the Swedish Arts Council.

Publications in English 2016-2012 

For a complete list of publications (including in Swedish) see: Research gate or LUP

Journal Articles:

Kronsell, Annica (2015) 'The Power of EU Masculinities: A Feminist Contribution to European Integration' Journal of Common Market Studies, 54(1): 104-120.

Kronsell, Annica, Smidfelt Rosqvist Lena, Winslott Hiselius, Lena (2015) Achieving climate objectives in transport policy by including women and challenging gender norms – the Swedish case, International Journal of Sustainable Transport,

Kronsell, Annica (2015) ‘Sexed Bodies and Military Institutions: Gender Path Dependency in EU’s Common Security and Defense Policy’, Men and Masculinities 

Magnusdottir, Gunnhildur and Annica Kronsell (2015) ’The (In)visibility of Gender in Scandinavian Climate Policy-making’, International Feminist Journal of Politics,Volume 17, Issue 2.  

Kaijser, Anna and Annica Kronsell (2013) ’Climate Change through the lens of intersectionality’, Environmental Politics, 23(3) 417 – 433. 

Kronsell, Annica (2013) ’Gender and Transition in Climate Governance’, Environmental Innovations and Societal Transitions, 7(June): 1-15. 

Kronsell, Annica (2013) ’Legitimacy for climate policy: politics and participation in the Green City of Freiburg’, Local Environment, 18(8): 965- 982. 


Bäckstrand, Karin and Kronsell, Annica (eds) (2015) Rethinking the Green State. Environmental governance towards climate and sustainability transitions, London and New York: Routledge, Earthscan.

Kronsell, Annica (2012) Gender, Sex and the Postnational Defense. Militarism and Peacekeeping, Oxford: Oxford University Press. As  E-Book at Lund University.

Kronsell, Annica and Erica Svedberg (eds) (2011) Making Gender, Making War: violence, military and peacekeeping practices, London and New York: Routledge. To PDF of Book.

Book chapters in English:

Kronsell, Annica (2015) ‘Feminism’ in Bäckstrand and Lövbrand (eds) Research Handbook in Climate Governance, Edward Elgar.

Kronsell, Annica (2015) ‘Feminist Perspectives’ in Zelli and Pattberg (eds) The Encyclopedia of Global Environmental Politics and Governance, Edward Elgar.

Kronsell, Annica and Ian Manners (2015) ‘Single Policy Study: Three Variations in Design’, Lynggaard, Manners and Lofgren (eds) Research Methods in European Union Studies, Palgrave Macmillan Publishers Ltd.

Kronsell, Annica and Helena Stensöta (2015) ‘The Green State and Emphatic Rationality’ in Bäckstrand and Kronsell (eds) (2015) Rethinking the Green State.

Karin Bäckstrand and Annica Kronsell (2015) ‘The Green State Revisited’ in Bäckstrand and Kronsell (eds) (2015) Rethinking the Green State.

Kronsell, Annica (2012) ’Chapter One: Gendering theories of European Integration’ in Gabriele Abels and Joyce Marie Mushaben (eds) Gendering the European Union: New Approaches to Old Democratic Deficits, Palgrave.

Other relevant publications in English:

Theoretical Framework – Working Paper on Urban Living Labs and Urban Sustainability Transitions ​


Annica Kronsell
E-mail: annica.kronsell [at]


Department of Political Science

+46 46 222 89 44




I am a political scientist who value interdisciplinarity, burns for environmental and feminist issues and hope to make an important contribution to academia and society with my research.

Research groups

Environmental Politics Research Group EPRG

Gender and politics

Department of Political Science
Lund University
Visiting address: Paradisgatan 5H (House: Eden)
Postal address: Box 52, SE-221 00 LUND
Telephone: +46 46-222 89 52

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