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Johannes Stripple

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Tel.: 046-2220488


Johannes Stripple is a specialist in climate change policy and politics. He can be reached at +46708 197129 



My main research interests lie at the intersection between International Relations (IR) theory and global environmental politics. I spent part of my post-graduate work in a natural science environment and hold a licentiate of philosophy in environmental science from Kalmar University, Sweden. I am, overall, interested in the way in which environmental issues enable us to reflect upon politics and international relations, the disciplines as well as the practice. 

Over the last years my research has dealt with various aspects of climate change politics and policy. The research is both about what is done to mitigate the issue (e.g. making rules and policies, negotiating international treaties, constructing markets), but also about what it might entail to live and adapt in a warming world: How is a carbon constrained world starting to shape us as consumers, citizens and humans? How could fair and feasible climate change adaptation be organised?

I have focused on European and international climate policy,climate change as a security issue, the carbon market, the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), emissions at the level of the individual, renewable energy, carbon sinks, scenarios of low carbon futures, Personal Carbon Allowances, the climate as political space and Earth System Science. My work has appeared in journals such as Review of International Studies, Global Governance, European Political Science, Policy Sciences, Cricial Policy Studies, Futures, Global Environmental Change, International Environmental Agreements, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, Climatic Change and Climate Policy.

Proceed to the heading Research to read a few reflections on my way of doing research and the themes, theories and concepts that I have focused on. A selection of my publications are to be found under the heading 'List of publications'. 

Drop me a line if you find anything that is useful or something you disagree completely with. Maybe you have ideas about areas of collaboration or ideas about how to communicate with a wider audience. 



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