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Åsa Knaggård

Universitetslektor | Filosofie doktor

Rum: 331
Tel.: 046-2220164


(née Mattsson)

I work as researcher and teacher at the Department of Political Science. My main research interests are the interaction between science and politics and environmental politics. I am affiliated with LUCID and BECC.

I am currently involved in the project STAKE: Practices and barriers of stakeholder interaction – challenges for research projects (2014-2015). The objectives of STAKE are 1) to identify barriers for stakeholder interaction, 2) to create procedures to facilitate researchers’ reflections and learning on stakeholder interaction, and 3) to implement and evaluate the procedures in on-going BECC-projects.

During the fall of 2014 I am together with scientists from many other disciplines writing a report on climate change for Klimatsamverkan Skåne, which consists of regional and local authorities in Skåne.

I am part of a risk network at Lund University. The network consists of scientists from a number of different disciplines. We are currently based at the Pufendorf Institute and during the spring of 2015 will hold a series of seminars on risk and related issues.